Today, Kody Kessell is a boat captain that has a reputation for catching big fish. BFT, YFT, Dorado and Yellowtail in season, and in the off season you can find him chasing the fish down south or taking people out to catch limits of rockfish. 

Kody’s life on the water started at age eight on a freshwater fishing trip with his dad.  He didn’t catch anything on that trip, but that didn’t matter – he loved it!  From that day forward it was all about fishing. 

As a teen without much money, he walked the docks and asked a boat captain “Can you teach me how to come fishing on your boat and how to work?” 

That’s how we define the Offshore Lifestyle GRIT.  With his fishing passion as the top priority, he chose to build a life on the water and everything else fell into place. 



Kody is running the OSL Horizontal 6 panel and Official L/S tee


About Life on the Water

Since 2014, Offshore Lifestyle has been worn by those committed to a hard-working, hard-playing existence focused on pursuing passions on the water. 

“Life on the Water” is a new series of stories about the gritty individuals that rep the brand while living their own offshore lifestyle. 

March 16, 2021 — Ashton Maxfield